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Australian Triathlete magazine reviews the TT

Australian Triathlete Magazine has done an intensive review of the TT:

"From the moment I got on the Parlee TT I felt that old familiarity that one feels when a bike rides as smoothly as this one. Yes, I set my position as I would like but from the start I felt fast on the TT. I was fortunate to have a great training partner to hang onto in the large shape of three-time Olympic rowing champion Drew Ginn, who himself was preparing for the national TT championships and every time I rode the TT, I was pushing it to the very limit. I rode the bike on the undulations of Melbourne’s Kew Boulevard and the Parlee floated up the small rises with relative ease, hugged the long sweeping corners and was rock solid in a straight line whilst in full aero tuck. It was blisteringly fast on the descents, a fact that drove Ginn insane as I was able to get up the road before each undulation and managed to stay in touch despite all common sense suggesting otherwise. Whether I was in or out of the saddle the bike felt like it accelerated underneath me with startling responsiveness. I felt that I was able to gain and maintain momentum with a great deal of ease."

"The next thing that stood out was the weight of the bike. I have ridden many TT model bikes that aim to achieve an aerodynamic advantage by using large oversize and angular tubes, but this commonly comes at the small expense of weight gain. While Parlee use beautifully sculptured aerodynamic shapes there is no excess and in this they claim to have achieved one of the lightest production TT frames available. I struggled to get the bike to a UCI acceptable weight limit and in fact had to look for weighty additions to make the weight standard. While weight is not the be-all-and-end-all in time trialing, I was very comfortable in knowing that I would not at all be disadvantaged if the roads were to go up and again the Parlee TT raised eyebrows when people inevitably picked it up for closer inspection." Full review to come!

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The weight isnt all you need to worry about. Not sure about Australia but I cant use my new Giant trinity Advanced SL2 due to the front fairing being against the rules! (UK). Only just bought it too!!

August 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTriathloner
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