The perfect balance of performance, comfort and durability is achieved via Parlee’s one-of-a-kind bike-building process. That process begins at an authorized Parlee dealer where a trained technician takes precise measurements, gathering all pertinent customer information.

This information is then delivered to Parlee’s state-of-the-art Massachusetts headquarters, where we use our custom Computer-Aided-Design system to create the blueprint of your perfect bike. Before we start building, you’ll receive a PDF just to make sure all details are correct.


The integrity of each Parlee frame begins with our high-modulus, uni-directional carbon fiber tubing and parts. All tubes and sub-assemblies are produced in house, in Beverly, MA according to Bob Parlee’s demanding specifications, and each tube and part is meticulously inspected throughout the manufacturing process prior to inclusion in your bicycle.

Prior to molding all parts and tubes are cleaned and media blasted. The goal is create the perfect surface to work with, because perfect surface prep equals long-term durability. That’s why all Parlee frames are backed by a lifetime warranty.


These custom carbon tubes are designed and optimized for each client’s desired ride qualities and individual riding characteristics. Assembly occurs on specially designed jigs that are accurate to sub-1mm tolerances. Lugs are mated by hand around the mitered tubes, which allows for angular lug adjustment, as well as stiffness customization. Correct fiber orientation is the key to frame strength and ride quality.

Frames are then put through a proprietary heating and pressurization process that crates an unbreakable bond. Parlee’s developed its own molding process to assure consistent surface finish.

Next frames are hand sanded and cleaned before small parts are installed. All carbon fittings, cable stops, and front derailleur clamps are made in house, further enhancing quality control. By designing and building parts specific to our bikes, Parlee is able to create the lightest and most durable frame-component interfaces in the world.


Frames then move into the Parlee custom paint booth where customer’s have unlimited color choices in creating a truly unique bike.

Finally frames undergo a painstaking wet sanding process, where progressively finer grit paper and subsequent buffing results in a mirror-like shine. Total build time approaches 40 hours, four times longer than the average custom bike. Median delivery time is 45-60 days.

“Our process is exacting and done for the love of creating bikes that perform exceptionally well,” explains Bob Parlee. “It’s a tremendous feeling to know that you’ve built something that fulfils each person’s unique wishes.”

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