Standard Finishes

The Altum, Altum R, ESX, ESX-R and TTiR include a single standard finish as depicted on each of the respective model pages and may be customized with a huge variety of options. If you desire something unique, no problem. Browse to our paint configurator to design the scheme you like best. All models are available with gloss or matte finishes.

Because the Z-Zero, Z1, Z2, Z3, Cross and Track models are all built to order they do not have a single stock finish, rather, they include any logo set (some popular ones below) with a multistage gloss or matte clear coat or our legendary nude (bare carbon) finish. Browse to our custom paint configurator to select the logos you like best.

Full custom paint is available on all models. Browse to our custom paint configurator. Take a few minutes to browse our gallery pages for good ideas! All custom paint schemes include a PDF design render so nothing is left to chance.

We also have several designers on staff if you prefer something truly unique. If you have something creative in mind, call us or your dealer. We love to design and paint one of a kind projects.