You have ridden the rest. Now you are ready for the best. Cliché? Perhaps. But truth is, we hear that all the time here at Parlee. It means you have done your homework and now are ready to buy the last road bike you’ll ever need. You are ready for a hand-crafted, best-in-class Parlee Z1, the world’s benchmark full-custom carbon road bike.

This is the bike that put Parlee on the map. No other frame requires as much time or skill to build. And even today, 10 years after initial introduction, the Z1 remains respected, revered and coveted. There is simply no better bike on the market. Period.

Whether you’re a corner-diving criterium racer, bumpy back-road adventurer, or high-mountain master, each Parlee Z1 is built to the exact standards, needs, expectations and specifications of its user. There are no compromises, no second bests, no conciliations, no concessions. The Parlee Z1 is the conduit to both personal peak performance and individual two-wheeled self expression.

The 100-percent custom Parlee Z1 can be modified in both one-millimeter and 0.1-degree increments in frame sizes from 40cm to 70cm. Custom carbon fiber lug lay-up combined with five tube set choices allows for perfect optimization and ride tuning. Z1s are also available with semi-sloping geometry up to 8 degrees, and can be upgraded with one of five custom crafted tube sets: the benchmark UD, super light SL, extra stiff XL, compliant CL, or visually alluring X-woven. Hidden, internal Di2 or Campagnolo EPS V2 wiring is also available.

Each year, after logging thousands of miles on bikes from all across the globe, the editors of Bicycling Magazine select one bike as the ultimate, cost-is-no-object dream bike. The Parlee Z1 is that bike.


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