Built using the same tube sets and techniques as the Z1, but at a graduated cost scale, the semi-custom Parlee Z2 offers a wide range of sizes and options for the rider seeking level- or gently-sloping top tube of up to two degrees — and a world class, high performance bike.

Utilizing more than a decade’s worth of customer data, which has yielded invaluable information about tube length relationships, the Z2 is offered in five Flex Fit semi-custom sizes. Riders can also choose tube set type, ranging from super light SL, to robust XL, to compliant CL, to the visually stunning X-woven finish.

This array of choices yields precise rider-weight tuning, meaning that your Parlee Z2 will be a truly unique bike, built to your exact specifications, needs and desires. Internal Di2 or EPS wiring is also available.


Honored as Race Bike of the Year by Cycling Weekly Magazine in 2006, the Parlee Z3 shares the same semi-custom architecture and pricing scale as the Z2, but in a sloping geometry format. Never before has a frame of this caliber been available with so many customization and ride tune options.

The Parlee Z3 comes in seven Flex Fit semi-custom sizes, or you may choose full custom geometry in sizes up to 70cm. Combine that XL top tube length with Parlee’s XL strength tube set, and even XL sized riders can find a bike that delivers exceptional ride quality with unmatched comfort and control.

Riders can also choose tube set type, ranging from super light SL, to extra-strong XL, to compliant CL, to the visually appealing of X-woven finish. Specific rider-weight tuning is also available, meaning that just like the Z2, your Parlee Z3 is a truly one-of-a-kind bike, fashioned to your individual specifications and needs. Internal Shimano D12 wiring is also available.


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