Bob Parlee is not a fan of shortcuts. After the meteoric initial success of his custom road bike building business, it would have been easy to jump straight into the stock frame arena. But instead Parlee chose the patient path, wanting to first assure he’d fully disseminated rider needs based both on size and riding style.

For more than a decade now, Parlee has painstakingly collected data via his custom operation, conducting a de-facto longitudinal study on the relationship between various tube lengths. The result is an expansive and enlightening database that’s served as both genesis and reference point for Parlee’s ground breaking — and continually evolving — Flex Fit sizing system.

Today, the Parlee Flex Fit system is the foundation for all our stock bikes, including the flagship Z5 road bike. Available in a dozen size configurations, the Parlee Z5 is the triumphant result of Bob’s persistent and patient approach. It’s a light and stiff race machine that’s as comfortable as your favorite pair of cycling shoes.

Using the same meticulous techniques applied to construction of the full-custom Z1, the main frame of the Parlee Z5 is fashioned from a single contiguous carbon piece. Additional industry-first features include carbon fiber cable stops, co-molded dropouts, titanium inserts, and Z1-derived twin seat stay construction.

It’s these minute details that both define the Parlee Z5 as an unmatched stock bike option, and distance it from its less nimble competitors. It’s intelligent evolution defined — and it’s the Parlee way.


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