Addition by subtraction is not as simple as it sounds. In the bike building business you can’t simply shave away grams without considering the ramifications to ride quality, comfort and control. Parlee is deeply aware of this delicate balance, and understands that ultra-light should never be a euphemism for decreased performance or reduced frame warranty.

Instead the Parlee Z5 SL is a fine-tuned version of our wildly popular Z5. Both bikes trace genealogy to the top-shelf custom Z1, and utilize more than a decade’s worth of customer data, which has yielded critical information about the relationships of various tube lengths. This data was parsed into Parlee’s industry leading Flex Fit system, giving riders 12 distinct Z5 SL frame sizes to choose from.

The Z5 SL’s weight savings (100-150 grams depending on frame size) comes from an enhanced carbon lay-up schedule, lighter fork upgrade, carbon fiber seat and front derailleur clamps, full titanium hardware kit, and a minimalist paint finish that further reduces weight, while giving the Parlee Z5 SL a look of refined and elegant stealth.

Indeed, the Parlee Z5 SL rests comfortably atop the narrow balance point between ultra-light and ultimate performance. It is addition by subtraction as it should be, thoughtful, artistic, accurate.


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